VENDORS & FOOD TRUCKS Join our Rt. 97 Farmers Market & Food Truck Alley!

Searching for:

* Hot Food * Deli * Meats * Salads * Pickles * Popcorn * Dairy * and More!

We offer:

Inside and Outside spaces 16' w x 8' d

Open all year

Electric (120V FREE; option for 24 hour, monthly flat fee)

Water (community hand washing sink FREE; three-bay sink options available)

Hot plates, chafe dishes, microwaves, warming trays permitted

Weekly digital marketing; campaigns and events to draw the people 

FRIDAYS (12-6p) SATURDAYS (8-2p)

Need a Store Location?

Why not sell your products at the only first, indoor farmers market in Adams County?

We have 8' x 8' for $280 a month and $16' w x 8' d spaces for only $500 a month! Give us a try on a Saturday for one-time $65 per day!

Hours Friday 12 pm to 6 pm and Saturdays 8 am to 2 pm.


Rules and Regulations

The Marketplace at Gettysburg strives to maintain an environment that is welcoming to all vendors and customers and foster positive community interaction.  To maintain The Marketplace at Gettysburg as a respected community establishment, Vendors must agree to abide by to our Vendor Rules and Regulations.


“A great place to go to find an assortment of local products. Also, the indoor farmers market is a great thing for the Gettysburg community. I'm really excited for this new business and how it supports other local businesses. This is a place worth supporting with a visit.”